Flights of Foundry Free Conference

Flights of Foundry is an international conference that takes places twenty-four hours a day so  no matter what time zone you’re in, there’s something good for you to experience. I participated last year and have a number of panels this year and I’m running a first chapter workshop.

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This is my schedule:

Organizing Freelance Life
How to balance looking for new clients, tracking where you are with the work you have, sending invoices, tracking how you get paid, and everything else.
Maria Picone
Diana Francis
Kate Maruyama
Cody Sisco
4/14/2023 8:00pm UTC (1 pm Pacific Time)
4/14/2023 9:00pm UTC
Exceptional Endings: Making your Story Linger After it’s Over
Everything in your story has led up to this crucial moment: The final confrontation, reveal, or moment of character growth. How do you make the reader feel the story has reached its rightful conclusion? Panelists will discuss what makes a great ending, and how to make those final scenes stay with readers long after they’re done reading.
Sarah Gailey
Eugenia Triantafyllou
Sarah Pinsker
Diana Francis
4/16/2023 8:00pm UTC (1pm Pacific Time)
4/16/2023 9:00pm UTC
First Chapter workshop
Six writers are invited to participate in a workshop focused on the first chapters of their novels. All six writers will submit their chapters in advance, reach each others’ chapters in advance, and
come to the workshop prepared to discuss what works and what doesn’t in each opening chapter and how each writer might improve their work. This workshop will involve both positive
and negative feedback, so be prepared to hear both. It’s never easy to hear the negative, but the goal will be to help you improve your work.The workshop will last three hours. For the first half hour, we will introduce ourselves discuss the rules of the workshop and what a first chapter should do. The next two hours we’ll spend twenty minutes each on the six submitted chapters. We’ll make sure to have a break or two as well. We’ll close with a question and answer session.

Diana Francis
4/15/2023 8:00pm UTC (1pm Pacific Time)
4/15/2023 11:00pm UTC
Barter VS Pay: When is Trading Not Fair
The creative community thrives trading favors – crit swaps, technique tutorials, and more. But a crit swap doesn’t pay the rent and some labor takes more of a toll (in time, emotional energy, or resources) than others. How do you navigate those instances, establish boundaries, and set value on your work? And when is giving away a “favor” doing yourself a service?
Erik Grove
Brandon Crilly
Diana Francis
Gayathri Kamath
4/16/2023 6:00pm UTC (11 am pacific time)
4/16/2023 7:00pm UTC
Care and Feeding of the Editorial Brain & Body
Have you hydrated recently? These panelists will discuss their tips and tricks for protecting joints, eyesight, stamina, and enthusiasm as an editor. How do you complete a massive copy editing project on a tight deadline without wrecking yourself? What do you do to recover after, and how do you know whether you should?
Wendy Van Camp
Neil Clarke
Diana Francis
Dawn Vogel
4/16/2023 9:00pm UTC (2pm Pacific Time)
4/16/2023 10:00pm UTC
Diana Francis
4/17/2023 2:00am UTC (7 pm Pacific Time on 4/16)
4/17/2023 3:00am UTC
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