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Thursday, June 25th, 2015
More movie snark

The problem with Jurassic Park III (as if there’s only one) is that Billy is played by the same guy who played, Henry Crawford in Mansfield Park, which means that I can’t get my head around him being a paleontologist student. Also, when he goes and jumps off to rescue Eric, I kept humming, “Billy, don’t be a hero, don’t be a fool with your life . . .”

On the other hand the rest of the cast rocks it. Love Sam Neill, Tea Leoni, and William Macy, not to mention Michael Jeter. And of course, love the velociraptors.

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015
snarky movie stuff

We’re watching Jurassic Park 2, aka, The Lost World. There are some wonderfully fun moments. I especially love the velociraptors. But then I always do. This may be the only movie I ever liked Vince Vaughn in.

But here’s the thing. This movie suffers a great deal from Horror movie stupidity. The kind that sends people wandering outside with the nasty killer out there. The dinosaur experts apparently have absolutely no idea what dinosaurs are, practically. There are two of them, including the Julianne Moore character (what a waste of talent for this movie) who don’t seems to have read or studied any of the stuff that Dr. Alan Grant did, because they haven’t any clue. It’s ridiculous.

Then there’s when the boat crashes. Nobody gets out of the way, even though they see it coming.

There’s oh so many other ridiculous moments, but still it’s fun. Jeff Goldblum is really not very well utilized, but at least he has some good lines.

I want so much to MST2K this movie over Twitter with someone.

I’m still rooting for the dinosaurs.

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013
Iron Man 3

Finally saw Iron Man 3 with the kids today. It was fun. Really liked Guy Pearce and it was fun how Tony Stark was hardly ever in his suit. I loved how Pepper became more of a character and tough to boot,  and I wish I understood the Extremis (is that what’s it’s called?) drug more. I liked Tony’s anxiety attacks–made him more real. I hope there will be a next one. I would like to see Tony grow some more and see what happens with Pepper.

I have other potential good news, but won’t jinx it by talking about it too early. Hopefully soon.

It is now raining. Pouring. Not usual for us, but it’s great for us. We need the moisture a lot.

I haven’t been eating very well lately. Not enough veggies. Got to try to change that. Not enough tea either. Gotta mend that. Course I did manage not to eat buttered popcorn and drink diet coke at the theater. That’s got to be a plus, right?

Saturday, April 6th, 2013
The Hobbit (with spoilers)

I watched The Hobbit last night with the family. It was enjoyable and I did like it. It was not, however, a movie that matched the book all that well. I’m not unhappy about that, because I did like what Peter Jackson was trying to do, which seemed to me to be doing more to set up what would come later as far as laying the foundation for the LOTR. Specifically, going to Rivendell and the meeting between Elrond, Galadriel, Saruman, and Gandalf, really set out some things that explain a great deal about how they are reacting and noticing the rising of Sauron (or trying to pretend that it isn’t happening). It was also really interesting to see the way that the others perceived Gandalf. He was a bit of a lone wolf and not in a good way. Like he was running about doing things that they found both annoying and objectionable. It seemed that this was his habit. Only Galadriel seemed to accept his behavior with a kind of shrug–he is what he is after all.

Another thing that was very different was the way that Thorin is far more and equal or more major character than Bilbo. This really isn’t Bilbo’s story at this point, though that may change. He was much more anti-Bilbo than the book, it seems to me, and there was a lot of really cool conflict between him and Gandalf. There was a back story involving Moria and a big nemesis orc that he had battled and thought he killed, but now is pursuing him. None of that is in the book, but I think it’s necessary (or something like it), to building him as a character, and also in giving the group more of a sense of danger (as the nazgul were in LOTR). Otherwise, they don’t really have any major pursuit and therefore nothing to really drive the urgency, except, gotta make it to the mountain in time. In a trilogy movie, that wouldn’t be enough. Plus this establishes a connection to the LOTR movies.

Frankly I’m not sure there’s enough material in the book for three movies. I don’t think one would have done it justice, however. I’m really curious what will happen next. My favorite scene is in Bilbo’s house at the beginning with the meeting. So dead on.

I do have one question for you. I can’t remember the history of Moria and I was confused about it from the movie. So can anyone tell me what it is? Because Gimli was so surprised it was destroyed in LOTR, but it seems like it had fallen before The Hobbit in the movie, so what’s the story?