The new and lovely, lovely cover for The Hollow Crown!

It comees out in June!
It comees out in June!


  • KT

    i love it, and i loved the book (i already finished :D) but when can we expect another?? the wait is going to kill me! you’re an amazing writer, and i get so attached to your characters. thanks!

  • greg

    yes… just read finished this… is there a book 2 or even more 😳

    got to read your books from the path books in which are very nice plot 😛

    now awaiting for one of the libraries to process the books to be loaned for Crosspointe Chronicles and Horngate Witches 😳

  • Alison

    Have enjoyed the Path books!
    Just finished the 4th Crosspointe Novel. 😀 LOVED IT!!! 🙂
    BUT I am now dying of suspense as to what is going to happen on island country of Crosspointe next. Please tell me you are well into the process for the next novel so that we will not have to wait too long?!?!? 🙁
    Didn’t find any hint on the website or did I just miss when the next one might be coming? 😕
    Waiting with baited breath!
    Happy Holidays to you and your family!

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