Crimson Wind releases on December 28th!

Crimson Wind, the second in the Horngate Witches series, will be released on December 28th. Have you preordered yours? Here’s a snippet to whet your appetite and I will have a chapter up very soon. I’ve been horribly swamped trying to meet a deadline for my YA project, and for Shadow City, the third in the Horngate Witches series. Yes, there will be a third and a fourth! So without further ado, a snippet:

crimson wind

“What was that?” she demanded.

“It is what is.”

“It’s happening now?” Max wanted to throw up. She scraped her fingers through her hair, pulling sharply. What was happening there? “What will the smoke and those creatures do to them?”

He shrugged. “I do not have the gift of foreseeing.”

“Then show me. Show me what’s happening to them.”

His brows rose and his eyes gleamed. “What will you pay?” he asked softly. “Will you come with me now if I show you?”

“You motherfucker,” Max spat, crossing her arms tight across her stomach to keep from stabbing him through the eye. “You know I can’t. I have to help them.”

“Will they be alive when you get there?”


  • Krista D. Ball

    Is it just me or do her pants get tighter on this cover? Poor girl. She’s going to have circulation problems by book 4 😉

    Do you know if the ebook will be released at the same time in Canada? I usually have to wait a week before I get access to your books up here 🙄

    • Di Francis

      And of course she really doesn’t wear leather pants in this one, but she does otherwise look exactly like that at one point. And then promptly gets nekkid.

      I have no clue on the e-release. I thought it all came at the same time. I hope it does!

  • Krista D. Ball

    Ooo she gets nekkid? Will there be someone next to her during this nudity, or is it just a solo shower scene where the heroine washes the bloody guts of her enemies out of her hair? :p

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