What would you like to read?

I’ve been thinking about short stories. And maybe not stories . . . Maybe just scenes or vignettes. I kind of want to write some things for fun here and there. So. Here’s your chance to tell me what you’d like to read.

Stuff set in the Path universe? Who do you want to hear about? What story do you still want to hear?

Stuff set in Crosspointe? When? With whom? What do you want to know?

And Horngate? What do you want to know there?

Or something else entirely? Maybe an offshoot of the short stories on my site? Anything else?


  • KimberBaby

    πŸ’‘ I would like to see a short maybe about the Celestial beings in the Horngate Series.

    Or any ole thing you’d likt to write about the Horngate series, cuz Id just like to know more πŸ˜†

  • Krista D. Ball

    I’m not home, so I don’t remember the MC’s name, but I’d love to see more of the main character in The Cipher. I liked her a lot.


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  • Matt Salas

    Aaaaggghh! Just finished the second Horngate novel. Freaking incredible! I’ve read over 200 books in the last year, all Urban Fantasy, and I can say confidently that your story ranks in the top ten. PLEASE, don’t make us wait too long for the next one. I’m going to have crazy dreams tonight after that ending. I’ve started working on my own novel, just an outline and a chapter and a half, but as I write I wonder if all the authors I read know just how much of an effect they have on their readers. You are a terrific storyteller, and I will wait, impatiently, for more. Thank you so much.

  • ChrisP

    Love the Horngate Witches series – dying for the next installment since 2 seconds after finishing Crimson Wind.

    I’d like to see something with either of the angels (maybe interacting with each other?) or Oz. I wonder what it would be like to be a Sunspear – never be able to be in darkness. Would it take a while to adjust to sleeping in light? More stuff I’m sure your fertile imagination can come up with. πŸ˜€

  • Elizabette

    I love all your series and the worlds you have created. However, since I just finished Crimson Wind I am placing my vote for Horngate; particularly Oz and the Sunspears. I can’t believe that the Blades are the only ones having all the fun and adventure!

  • Sasha

    I love both the Crosspointe and Path series. I am dying to know what happens next in Crosspointe, please find a way to convince your publisher to let you continue it!!!!! When I started the second book, at first I was put off by the way you had a different character take the lead, but the story was so engrossing, I soon took to the way you were / are developing the series and the way the characters’ stories intertwine.

    I would also love very much to return to Reisil’s world as well. Have you every thought about doing a prequel or a whole other series in the same world with a different set of characters?

    You are excellent at creating believable, rich, unusual worlds with an economy of words. Thank you very much.

  • JenM

    Hi Diana – I just found my way to your blog and saw this post. I read Bitter Night on the Pocket After Dark site and was blown away by how good it was. Luckily for me, Crimson Wind had just come out so I was immediately able to read it also, but now I know it’s a long wait till the next one. To tide me over, I think that a story or two set in the Horngate world would be great. I’d be happy for anything – something focusing on the Spears, or the other Blades, or the Angels….I’m not picky.

  • James Taylor

    Having read both Horngate books within the last 3 days I would have to vote for that world as well.. And I can think of a ton of things to write about that would be interesting, as listed πŸ™‚

    (Might be spoilers beyond this point as they are all touched off by events in the books)

    One of the times Max escaped.
    The investigation of Max when she disappeared.
    The story of the family they ran into when the wild magic released, specifically the new-witch mother.
    The event that made Alexander draw his line in the sand with .. his witch that I will not attempt to spell her name! Sorry!
    Maybe just an over arching creation story.. how it all came to be.
    Story of the First shadowblade (or Sunspear).

    Should be a good enough list of ideas πŸ™‚ So wish these books were games so I could go back and enjoy the universe of it every day.

    • CW

      Gizelle needs more story than just big bad witch. Maybe something could become between her and the Angel boy.

      Also Valery and the mage…. does she escape, or does the big bad boss get her and keep her?

  • Rachel

    I’d like to read a follow up story about Soka from the Path books and what he does to cope with his friend’s death and where the Lady guides him.

  • Jackie Fuller

    I would like to see more of the Hornsgate series. I waded through the agony of the second novel to discover a pop and blewie (should be a word) Max no longer exists and has left an extremely tempting item behind, Alex… I agree with the others that the angels and the sunspears have been a bit shorted – but I believed this was the story of Max… How about her family – that was clever having pop and bro turn out to be witches… So, hope you have a novel going on with the Hornsgate witches and their subjects.

    Question: Were you goated by a friend of yours? Is that why Giselle is the way she is?

  • Edina Hakze (Dee)

    Good morning, I’ve only just caught on to you, entirely due to my brothers insistence. You see I’m a huge reader and am very loyal to “my” authors so didn’t want to add another to my stable but I’m very glad I did. So welcome to my bookshelf.

    I’ve started with the Horngate witches and would like the back story of both Max & Giselle culminating in their meeting and the building of Horngate and transformation of Max please.

    Also just as an aside I’d like them to have pets, I have this thing that people who don’t like animals don’t fully own their humanity, obviously the angels would have cats, what other animal is superior enough?

  • pauleen peabody

    What is the hierarchy of the characters, warriors to Guardians and how is the power etched into the bones of the Sunspears and Shadowblades?

  • pauleen peabody

    What is the hierarchy of the characters, warriors to Guardians and how is the power etched into the bones of the Sunspears and Shadowblades?

  • James Bennett

    Crosspointe maybe about the root and what happens there between book 3 and 4 with everyone there. Mostly anything more in the crosspointe even if it is ereader only publishing.

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