Title Contest!

I’m still title-less for Horngate 4. But here’s a kind of overview of it if you have a suggestion. Here’s the thing, I want it somewhat in keeping with the first three books: Bitter Night, Crimson Wind, Shadow City. And if I use your title, I will send you a cover flat of Shadow City and I’ll put your name in the Acknowledgments of unnamed book 4.

here’s the blurb:

Shadowblade warrior Max’s niece is missing and it looks like she’s been kidnapped by a witch-hating cult. What should be an easy rescue turns into a deadly battle when Max finds out that the cult’s leader is far more dangerous than he first seems. He claims to be the Hand of God and his power is very convincing. A fanatic, he vows to burn all witches at the stake, starting with Horngate.

Even as the cult stirs up hatred against the covenstead, winter descends, bringing hunger and desperation. Townspeople are twisted up in a knot of ancient fear of witches, the fight for survival and a promise of God’s help. Can one crippled covenstead survive a human army led by an insane Preacher with superpowers?

Without aid from former allies, Horngate teeters on the edge of annhilation. Max’s only chance to save Horngate is to die. But she’s never been good at dying . . .

Lessee. The contest for this ends when I get a title I like? Or by Friday October 14th at noon. How’s that? And there may be runners up (more cover flats!)

Reply here to enter and enter as many times as you like!


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