Since May, I’ve managed to lose 16.5 pounds since May. I’m not entirely sure how. It’s been a struggle of the ups and the downs. The holidays will be murder. On the other hand, I’m back on the exercise road. Mostly because it will boost my immune system and maybe keep me healthier. One can hope. I’ve also been not drinking Diet Coke for 4 weeks and not eating splenda. Trying to reduce the artificial sugars. I don’t entirely know what effect that is having. I went through a bought of a nasty cold a couple of weeks ago and it resulted in a lot of fatigue, plus I was only drinking tea and had gone way off Diet Coke.

Right now, I’m finding a little bit of energy (hence exercise) and that may be because of the cold is losing hold and my body’s adjusted to no DC and no artificial crap and lots of tea. I’m also craving chocolate. And weirdly, craving milk chocolate, which is no longer my favorite. So it’s all very odd.

Getting ready to go visit family in a week. Looking forward to it. Should be a lot of fun. And hopefully relaxing. Most definitely it will be warmer. It’s also the the end of the semester next week, so lotsa grading. It will be . . . busy. The between semester break is much shorter than normal–about half. So that’s annoying. But I am looking forward to next semester. I’m teaching some fun courses.

Think i can keep losing weight over the holidays? I think I’d be happy just not gaining. Course I found this recipe for a chocolate bourbon pecan pie. I must make it. Must.

What are your plans for Christmas/holidays? I’d love to hear.

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