I am a sucker

In order to exercise, I tell myself to do 10 minutes. I do this knowing full well that I will try to go past that. But I will do 10 minutes and stop if I want. So I start. And then when 10 is up, I tell myself 5 more. And then 5 more. And so on. Until I hopefully get at least to 30 or more. What funny is I’m fully aware that I’m telling myself all these things and I’m allowing myself to believe I’ll be doing just 10 minutes. It’s a mental con game. I know some people just like to go exercise, but I ain’t one. Okay, I would like to ride my bike, and swim, and walk the doggies, but it’s the dead of winter. So it’s the elliptical. Anyhow, I feel a bit gullible that I can mess with my own head that way.

I’m trying to figure out how to apply rhinestones and such to wood/paper for a project. I do not know what’s the best method. Does anybody have advice? Glue gun? Elmers? Something else? maybe dot some glue on with a toothpick? Help?

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