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So first, the good news is that I’m down a pant size. It’s taken awhile, but I’m finally making it. Obviously exercise and eating well has something to do with it, but I was doing that for awhile without much effect. I’m beginning to think that going off diet soda and artificial sweetners has been pretty crucial. I’m also drinking a lot of tea. Yes, it’s sweetened, but I’m using stevia and not a lot of that. I think this is having an impact, though I’m not entirely sure how that works inside my body. One thing I will say is that I did have a diet coke on the roadtrip back from CA and it didn’t taste good. I drank it to try to stay awake when we were on the road. But it just wasn’t that good. I hope getting to the next size down doesn’t take quite as much time.

Also, I was having some bursitis issues and then the other day I was reaching for the alarm clock and my shoulder Popped. Ow. Painful. So then I worked on resting it and not sleeping on it and was doing well for a day. (In that day I chose to smash my head into a shelf instead). Then this morning I popped my arm twice while getting out of bed. Hurt like, well, let’s just say there was much swearing. Much. And whining. So now I’m doing some old PT exercises with a green strap. I think this has to do with my hypermobility issues.

The man has shingles. It’s itchy and painful but limited to a patch on his side, so that’s goodish. Of course he has a really nasty cold to go with it, and he has to work tomorrow. No holidays for him.

I’m coming up on my two year back surgery anniversary. Which was my latest back surgery, but I’m excited that I’ve not had back pain since.

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