Dog Update

The ligament is definitely torn/ruptured or whatever they want to call it. Dog is not supposed to run, jump, climb stairs, or otherwise be active. Poor guy. All his favorite things. And his brother can’t figure out why he’s not being more playful. Surgery is scheduled for next Weds. I’ll take him up on Tuesday and hopefully pick him up on Thursday. This is going to be very spendy. Help a dog, buy books. Sigh.


  • pookakitten

    My dog did a number to her ACL as a puppy. I think it was the Great Dane puppy accidentally stepping on her, a Chiweenie. In her case it was mild enough that we took a “no stairs, etc.” wait and see attitude. She never needed the surgery and now I can’t even remember which leg it happened to.

    He’ll do fine–veterinary medicine is amazing now.

  • Di Francis

    oh, dear. That’s not a good combo by way of big crunches small.

    I wish this was more mild. He’s feeling better from the resting, but his foot shakes and turns under and I think it has to be stabilized. Mostly because he is not going to stay immobile enough. But it’s good to hear of successful recoveries. Thanks!

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