I shall visit upon them plagues and horrors

Isn’t it funny how when you’re sick, you want to make everybody else miserable? And since the only people I can make miserable without compunction are my characters, guess what? Yep, a rheumatic fever outbreak. Not at Horngate, but nearby. It’s rather a nasty little disease. Did you know that? Anyhow, the problem is, they need witches to cure it since there are precious few antibiotics, but let’s face it, nobody’s all that thrilled about witches. As in, thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. Now all this starts right when there’s a couple of kidnappings, a hostile magical being has moved in, some action on the angel front, a bizarre attack, some demon outbreaks, and oh, yeah, that startling thing I can’t tell you about. Because really, if you can’t stir in a little disease to a perfectly good apocalypse, when can you stir it in?

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