anybody seen my lungs?

I’m in the land of the hack/cough so hard it makes me want to throw up and I swear I keep losing my lungs. They just fly out of my head and get all lint and dog-hair covered, which is the source of my terrible coughing. Oh, and when I cough so hard, my head explodes and brain matter splatters everywhere. It’s a good day.

But, I have somewhat cleaned the bathroom. We are regrouting some tiles this holiday day. I know. You’re thinking you wish you were me with my glamorous life. If you want to come regrout my bathroom and live my glamorous hacky, coughy, regrouty life, please do. I will share.

You know that snippet I posted the other day? It was a draft of course. But I’ve gone back and poked at it and it’s significantly different now. And probably will be even more different in the final product. Mostly what is different is the small details that make it feel more real, more tense. Mostly everything still happens as it did.

The Nebula Award nominations have been posted. There’s some really good stuff on this list. But that said, I wonder who you’d put on the list of best novel for the year? Or best short story? Or best movie? No, I’m not looking for my books here. What did you read that you think belongs on a list like this?

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