Saturday, in the house, you’d think it was the middle of winter

Windy and cold here today. Frigid really. Not that the temps were all that low, but the wind. Oh it brings temperatures down to miserable. The fire doesn’t seem to be doing enough.

Girlie has been drinking juice and eating crackers and napping and generally feeling not so good with the strep. But she does love the popsicles. I’m beginning to wonder if my cough is something more than a cough. If it’s not better next week, I’m going to have to see the doc.

Have you heard of the exploding pig farms? There’s foaming manure that explodes and we’re apparently talking major explosions. Enough to destroy barns, kill pigs and injure people. There has to be a story in there somewhere.

And then there’s this South African company offering naked maids and other services like plumbing. Now, here’s the thing. How does that possibly appeal? They say that they hire out of work actors and models. So okay, these are reasonably attractive people. Do I want to see them naked? Not so much. I mean, think about the twists and turns that plumbers go through when working. That could result in some unattractive poses. And as for maids, same thing. Plus there’s the whole sanitary thing.

And then this is really cool. It shows a dingo using tools. It’s totally awesome.

Next week the house goes back on the market. Let’s hope it sells.

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