Today we got a new washer. Our old one died and the repair costs were as much as a new one, so . . .

It required a 2 hour drive to Bozeman (and 2 back). Costco had none. They always have them. They did not. The Home Depot in Bozo doesn’t have a local warehouse, so we were out of luck there. So to Lowe’s. Got it, came home, installed it, tried it out. It works. Yay. I will not stink.

Tomorrow I’m doing a booksigning here in Dillon from 6-8, so any of you in the area, come on down to The Bookstore.

We took the dogs with us on this long drive. In the past three weeks we’ve taken them in the truck to a number o f places. They’ll be going to Bozo again next week for Voodoo’s 8 week post-surgery checkup. I think they are starting to like the concept of car rides, especially if the kids aren’t with us.

On the drive, I tried to work on a map for the country and world I’m creating. It didn’t go well. Here’s the thing. I’m working outward from the center, which is odd. I’ve got an idea of what the terrain is like, but how it fits together into a system of countries and the world is what I’m not sure about. Part of it is I know the politics of some of it and I have to make the terrain and the landscape coincide with the economics of the world and how it functions. Does that make sense? I need to make the landscape work with what I know has happened in the history of the place. Drawing it is giving me fits though. It’s going to take some time.

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