A day of perspective

So a lot of stuff is going on in my life, including a nasty head cold. But today perspective arrived. I’ve a friend who is several years younger than me. She’s had a significant bout with breast cancer and it metastisized to her liver. She had half removed last fall and now the tumors have returned–in her words, too many to count on her liver. She’s at the point where she’s buying time. Chances or remission are slim. She has a daughter who is in first grade.

I feel really helpless and really sad. She’s an amazing woman with so much fire and strength. She’s not giving up, by any means, but things are what they are, barring a miracle. Learning that really makes me take a step back and think about what’s important, what I want my life to be. I can’t help thinking about what I would want to do if I thought I might not make it to my next birthday. It’s a hard think.

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