The end is nigh

Tomorrow is the end of the semester. Well, except for Saturday’s graduation and the two theses I have to read and hand back to students for revision. They are a bit (a lot) last minute, so I’ll be spending some time with them over the next few days.

I also am working on revisions for Blood Winter. Got my editorial letter and what my editor says gels with what my agent said and what my gut had been telling me. I’m planning a talk with my editor this week to hash out some stuff, but then I’ll be hopefully rolling. Course I have a ton of kid stuff going on and some family coming to visit–which will be very very nice. They are coming to get rescue dog. And Miscon is coming at the end of the month is coming in quick. Can’t wait for that. Somehow in there I have to work in some significant rewriting.

I just saw that someone found my site looking for free Crimson Wind. I hate book pirates. Writing is real work and time consuming. To have books stolen just makes me mad. And very sad. I want to do this full time, but theft makes that tough.

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