and the cold came back

We’re under a winter storm watch. Again. I don’t think we’ll actually get snow, but it had to come the night before the girlie’s birthday party. To which people have still not RSVPed, so I don’t even know if anyone is coming. I desperately hope so, and not just because of the mass of cake that I’ll be forced to eat if not. I do have some games to play, so that will be excellent. I also have a fire going in the woodstove and am hoping that frost doesn’t kill all the leaving out plants. Poor things. A few days ago it was almost 80 degrees.

IN the meantime, I got notes from my editor on Blood Winter today. I have to read and absorb them. He’s a new editor to me and he pointed out some issues that I had figured out and offered some intriguing suggestions. So I have to put all that together with some ideas I had for restructuring/revising, and polish the coal off my diamond. I’m excited about it, but with that everpresent fear that I won’t be able to pull it off. But I will! I’m determined.

In the meantime, the block ends in a few days, as does the semester. Hard to believe. But Twisted Ink, our webzine, is coming together nicely. They are doing a good job, as crazy as it’s making them.

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