I’m still alive. Really.

I know, not a lot of stuff here lately. That’s because I’ve been trying to revise the book. And once that was done and I crawled out of my cave, apparently people wanted to see me. Who knew? I got to go to Agate Beach on the Oregon coast to see the Japanese dock that had washed up. They had burned off all the vegetation because there was concern about invasive species. It was pretty cool. I took a ton of pictures, but haven’t downloaded any yet.

Did a lot of walking and went to a bunch of parks. BIG parks. I accidentally took the kids and dogs on a 5 mile walk one day. We had no idea that trail would be that long. It was lovely, but I did wish for some water. No, I didn’t take any. I thought I was going for a quick walk. oops.

Then I drove back from Salem to Missoula (600 miles) in one day, with the kids and dogs, and then the rest of the way today. I’m tired. Like someone swatted me with a fly swatter. Oh, snuck into Costco too. Got berries and veggies. Love blueberries!!! After I got home, had to go grocery shopping. Now I want to tip over.

I will now find my groove again and maybe get some writing done. Oh, yeah, do all the other stuff that needs doing.

What have you been up to lately?

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