Things I didn’t know

So I’m waatching American Pickers and I’m learning something. First, I didn’t realize that they had to use head clamps on people in early photos on account of how long it took to take the photo–15-30 minutes. Now I knew the photos took awhile, but hadn’t realized headclamps were used. Can you imagine getting that picture taken? Explains why so many people didn’t smile. It would be hard to hold it for long enough without moving.

Then they said that since people couldn’t really afford pictures, a lot of the only pics they had were taken postmortem. Those people were often photographed braced up also (braces hidden). Now I’m looking at those old pics wondering is the people are dead. I expect the truth is in the eyes.

I used to go to auctions and antique stores just see the stuff and learn about history. I miss it. When I was in Oregon, I went into one and learned a whole lot about some different things. It’s so cool. I love that stuff. In Montana, there aren’t as many shops or old stuff like that. I think it’s because people coming here had to dump everything but what was absolutely necessary and so there just isn’t as much stuff. Not like in the midwest, or in even in Oregon where ships could bring more things for people.

I also love old buildings and old architecture. It’s one of the reasons I love my house. It’s a 1917 Crafstman bungalow and has a lot of interesting woodwork and built ins.

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