computer talk

Let’s start by saying I’m not a tech person. I frequently have NO idea what I’m doing. But I found out about this program call CleanMyMac the other day and so I got it for my two macs. Cleaned up a lot of stuff and freed a lot of space. I guess there are programs out there that will get rid of duplicate stuff on my computer. I may get something that will do that. I’m also trying to decide if I like Voodoopad enough to keep using it, or if I want to try using Scrivener to keep notes and track novel information. Just not sure.

I do think that the CleanMyMac was fairly miraculous with how many gigs of stuff it freed up. That was pretty cool.

Other than that, making progress on the work in progress. I like it so far. Which is kind of dangerous. I always worry when I like something I wrote. Yeah, neurotic writer is neurotic.

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