Bad luck comes in ???

Today I woke up to find a dead fish in the fish tank. He looked pretty rough. I think he might have been doing things he shouldn’t. Anyhow, he’s gone to a burial at sea.

Later today, a big windstorm/thunder/lightning storm blew up and dropped a big limb off the green ash in the front of the house. It fell on the fence and right where a friend had been sitting just a cool minute before.

Is there more bad luck coming? Or was it good? Because yanno, while there’s little good in a goldfish dying (which was black, so that’s weird), unless one makes a snack of him, which we did not, then there is luck in the fact that the fence was not destroyed and will only need minor repairs, plus my friend did not get conked over the head with a big ole hunk of flying wood.

On the positive side, there’s an awful lot of drive by interest in the house (ie people picking up flyers). Still no one coming in to look or buy. Dammit.

Writing is progressing.

Next week Leverage returns. This makes me happy.

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