trailer life

I suck at living in a trailer. I mean a travel trailer. Four of us in it. For a month. Yeah. And two of us are children. Bouncy loud children. And I am feeling like crap tonight, and I don’t know why. Sort of pukey. The man thinks I need to drink some gatorade. Sounds disgusting. But maybe I should.

We’ve been doing a lot of running around and checking out the area. Looking at houses. Thinking. Also I’ve been into Great Harvest. I really need to bake more. I miss baking.

I’ve been fleshing out more of the book proposal I’ve been working on. It’s slow. I feel like a cow chewing her mental cud. Ew, that’s a disgusting image. All the same, chomp chomp chomp chomp.

I’ve been missing most of the Olympics. Can’t seem to tune into any coverage. And by that, I mean between being busy and generally not finding stuff that’s on when it’s on, I missed a ton. I was disappointed. I did see the 400M women’s sprint. Who knew that 400M was a sprint? Anyhow, it was amazing. Sanya Richards Ross was phenomenal. Actually everyone was. I couldn’t believe how fast their feet were moving. Holy crap.

Then I watch part of the women’s marathon and I got to thinking about running 24 miles in less than 3 hours. And how that might work in a fantasy environment. I mean, what if you had a kind of runner service a la pony express, but with people. I think that will be working into a book. Yes.

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