Back to school time

Every year, like clockwork, for years, I always felt the urge to go clothes shopping in the end of August and beginning of September. It was knee jerk. And on top of that, the fact was/is, I’ve pretty much been in school since I was what, five? I mean, all the normal school, the MA, the PhD, and teaching. Yeah, I think I had one year off in all that time when I didn’t teach or go to school, but essentially it’s become instinct to go buy clothes in the fall.

Only in years of late, even though I’ve been doing some clothes shopping for the kids for back to school (mostly because they have grown like weeds and don’t fit into things after the summer), I have to do the back to school supply shopping. And I covet supplies. Office supplies. Paper. Pens. Cool pretty paper clips. Pads of paper. Notebooks. Oh, yeah, the geek in me is something awful. Oh, and I troll the Apple website too. No, not buying, but can’t help the trolling. So my back to school shopping urges have morphed into office supply drooling. I’ve got a serious problem here.

Does anybody else have this subconscious knee jerk urge to shop this time of year?

Right by the trailer park we’re staying at is a big Kelly’s store and an Ashley furniture. I keep wanting to go over there because just outside the Kelly’s is the coolest little fountain area. It’s made of standing blocks of granite or basalt with water burbling out the top and falling down over other smaller stones and has plants growing around and on it. I want to go just sit beside it and listen to the water. It looks a little like this, but with a lot more rocks and fountains. It’s really cool. I don’t think they’d appreciate me pulling up a chair and reading in their little garden though.

I did not fall down or otherwise damage myself today. Just saying. This is a victory.


  • Laurie

    Most definitely this is my favorite time of year. This is when all the really cool office supplies come out; stuff that college kids want. Crazy patterns, colors, etc. Awesome deals all around. Oh yes love fall shopping even though it has been a really long time since I have had to “school shop.” Bring on the office supply drooling lol.

  • Di Francis

    Remember when everything was all bland and plain and in the primary colors? And now you can get all sorts of cool stuff. I probably should avoid staples at all costs right now.

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