Sweet cool down

Today the temps in Salem dropped significantly. It was a relief. It even rained. The dogs got out for a good walk and we ran errands and explored and did a bit of geocaching for International Geocaching Day.

And we did laundry. You might wonder why this gets its own paragraph. Well, I’ll tell you. I was putting stuff in the dryer when I finally read the big rule sign hanging up high above. I think line 4 read something to the effect of: no dying laundry in the washers. Of course this made me think. Does laundry often die at the laundromat? Is this where people take their laundry to die and then abandon the laundry corpses to be dragged off to Potters Field? Or would that be, Rags Field? I’m not sure. It also made me wonder how do you know if your laundry is dying? What if it accidentally dies while you’re washing it? And really, is it all that okay to let your laundry die in the dryer? Is that better somehow? Do they just object to wet dead laundry? If you nurse your laundry through that wash, then maybe killing it in the dryer is fine? I just don’t know. Anybody else find rules about living and dead laundry in their laundromats? Oh! A thought! Perhaps the concern is zombie laundry. Would they be afraid that zombie laundry would arise form the washers and run off and rip the living clothes off people, turning those clothes into zombies and leaving a horrendous population of naked humans?

Perhaps this requires more research.

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