Today and Tomorrow

Tomorrow I start back to Montana. It should take two days. Actually I can do it in one, but I want to stop overnight and go to Costco before I go home. So I probably will.

On the really cool mystery front, this is about an Australian cold case that sounds fascinating. I wish I’d see it solved. Could be interesting for a story. Is it a murder? Is it a suicide? Was he a spy? And a book is the central clue. How cool is that?

next week I start back to school. Teaching that is. I have to go home and plan my class out some more. I have a tendency to change it up and so I’m going to. It will be easy this fall to teach about logical fallacy though, what with political ads and speeches. I mean, do politicians have a list and check it twice to make sure that everything they say is a logical fallacy? Seems like it sometimes. Anyhow, it’s fertile ground for working with logic and reason. Or lack thereof. I love teaching students how to be critical of commercials. And news. And politicians. Pretty much everything, really.

Been reading the Wishcraft series by Heather Blake. I do enjoy it. It’s magical mystery and kind of a cozy.

I also have to research southern living, southern style, southern language, southern behavior . . . I’m thinking of southern here to mean Alabama/Georgia, maybe South Carolina. So if anybody has suggestions for movies, TV, documentaries, books, youtube, anything really, that would help with that, I’d love to hear. I may hit you up for more of that on a continuing basis. Seriously, anything you’ve got would be helpful. I’ve got some things, but I’m looking for more. Lots more.


  • Jeni

    Regarding your research on the south, I’m happy to help if I can. I’m originally from Arkansas, but now live in Atlanta. I personally love Go Down Moses (Faulkner) and Their Eyes Were Watching God (Zora Neal Hurston). I think it gives you an idea of the seedier side of the south. Also, you cannot talk about the south – past or present – without considering the racial tension. There’s a book called Freedom Riders that documents some of the civil rights movement. I believe it was also made into a documentary. Food is also huge – fried chicken, corn bread, fried okra – any food that’s brown and requires little to no mastication. There are tons of church cookbooks that feature lots of jello, cool whip, cream of mushroom soup, and karo syrup. Redneck stories are always a entertaining. The Georgia Surgical Association once had a presentation on injuries related to falling out of deer stands. Seriously.
    If you have more specific questions, please feel free to contact me.

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