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Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012
Thunder and Lightning

We made the drive back from Salem yesterday. Took 13.5 hours. Probably would have been quicker but for some roadwork that caused a fair bit of delay. The last three hours were attended by a bunch of rain and a fabulous lightning storm. It flashed across the entire sky and putting the mountains in sharp relief. It was really stunning. A little disconcerting here and there as some of that struck awfully close, but all the same, it was one of those experiences I was glad to have.

I don’t like movie remakes in general. But I have to admit that I really like the Steve Martin Pink Panther. So do the kids. Doesn’t hurt that Clive Owen has a cameo.I do like me some Clive Owen.

So anybody have some home town quirky stories they want to tell? I’m in the mood for some. Like here, a student was telling me about a guy who kept all his clipped toenails and put them in a jar to sell to ebay. And of a woman who like to go gamble at the local gas station/gambling joint and who was tired of her lovebirds and was considering shooting them. She’s something like 80.

Share your odd/quirky/strange people/town or otherwise stories!

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