ready or not, back to work

I finished putting together my class today and uploaded it into the Moodle system. Well, it’s not really done. I’m afraid I’m something of a pantser when it comes to teaching. I like to go with the teachable moments and be flexible. So I’ve outlined the main due dates, given this week’s full assignment schedule, and then sketched out for myself what will go on next week, but I’m going to wait and see if I need to shift things up and where my focus ought to be. But I’m ready for tomorrow, except for the stupid afternoon schedule. I don’t teach afternoons. I’m sluggish then. I always teach in the mornings. But there was some sort of error with inputting the class into the system and I didn’t think to check. I’ve never had an issue before. So afternoons it is. At least for the first block. The rest of them are all a.m. blocks.

But now I have to figure out a schedule and a routine. It’s a pain, because the routine will last all of 2 weeks, and then my kids will go back to school and it will change up again, and then again when I get to a.m. classes. So really, no routine forthcoming. I am going to have to make to do lists and make sure that I get things done. Organization is going to be key. And self-discipline. Did I mention I have to finish page proofs on Blood Winter this week? Not to mention get some writing done.

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