Hump Day

It can stop being hot any day now. Okay, really it’s cooler than yesterday, but not in my classroom. And the smoke from the Idaho fires is settling in tonight.

The fair starts tomorrow. The kids entered some art pieces and I’m really hoping they had some success with them. They are, of course, excited about the idea of rides. I am not so excited. But I will take them and I will be patient. Sure with the man was here to hang out with. Doesn’t feel right not to go without him. Sigh. This living apart thing sucks big time.

Class seems to be going well. Except the heat is getting to us. No AC and inside the classroom has been steamy. Supposedly the temperatures are going to drop in a couple of days. I hope it does. I have a ton of stuff to do already for class. I’m already behind. I hate being behind.

I’m in the mood for ice cream and I have none. This I don’t like. (of course DQ is out the backdoor and about a fifty foot walk. Maybe sixty. I shouldn’t complain. And my folks took the kids there while I was at work today. So much envy!)

I did clean the terribly dirty fish tank tonight. I’ll have to do it again next week and probably the week after. This is what happens when I go traveling. A lot of buildup in the bottom of the tank. Poor fish.

I’m in the mood to bake some bread. Or cinnamon rolls. I should do that. Or pie. With ice cream.

Still no one buying our house. Sigh.

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