Fair rides and thunder and lightning

Took the kids to the fair last night so they could ride rides. Ours is a tiny fair. Maybe smaller than that. Anyhow, there really aren’t a lot of rides, but the kids get excited about them and so we went. Girlie thinks she’s afraid of heights and so usually she won’t ride anything that goes off the ground. Neither like rides like the Zipper. So anyhow, we start out slowly and do some small things like the big slide and that sort of thing. Then eventually the boy and a buddy go off to ride the Ferris wheel and girlie won’t won’t won’t. (imagine crossed arms and shaking head). So off we go to ride some littler rides and then we catch up with the boys again. And Boy convinces girl to go on the Gravitron, which involves centrifugal force and spinning. She loved it. Went on over and over and over. And over.

Finally pried her out of there and then the boys wanted to go back to the Ferris Wheel. So she said no. And then followed anyhow and up she went with them. And loved it. Over and over and over and over.

So she rode a ton of rides and had a great time. And during this several thunderstorms pushed through. The first bit I was okay with. Wasn’t that close. But then the next got closer. And I took them out of there as the rain started pouring down and the lightning forked overhead. Yeah, wouldn’t want them up on the ferris wheel.

Then the man got here and surprised the heck out of the kids. He’s spending the weekend at home!!!! For two days. I’m happy happy happy.

Did I mention how much I love Jon Stewart of The Daily Show? Watching last night’s episode. It rocks. Can’t wait for the rest of this political season.

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