Woes, ghosts, and slight insanity

Tomorrow is the first day of school for the kids. Girlie is excited. Boy is freaked out. Tons of woe and angst. He loves school, but he’s moving into middle school where Things are Done Differently and he is totally worried about that. As in, emotional meltdown. I’ve promised him he can ask questions about lots of things, but he’s got an idea that the teachers won’t know the answers about schedules or where rooms are. There’s a bit of insanity there. He definitely likes predictability.

Add into that, my folks, who have been out here helping take care of the kids for the last two weeks while I’ve been back to work (for which I am eternally grateful), left tonight. So we’re all sad.

Then today, we found a little padlock with a skeleton key on the bathroom floor. We also heard creaks upstairs like someone was walking up there. I’m fairly certain we have ghosts. I actually like the idea of ghosts, because I believe they are reasonably benevolent.

As for the slight insanity . . . I ironed my table cloth. I don’t iron in general, and to actually iron a table cloth? A bit nuts. But it’s cotton and I’d let it stay all wadded up in the basket after I washed it. I figured ironing was my only choice. Sad when that happens. I really need to get some different tablecloths for this table. I’d like to get a nice microfiber cloth, but I can’t seem to find one that is big enough. This is probably one of those times where knowing how to sew would be useful.

And now, back to grading papers.

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