the day of annoyances

You know all those things that you put off doing and then they pile up and you have to find a shovel and finally dig out? Today was my day for dealing with those.

I wanted to write. I planned to write while the kids played. But then I realized I needed to get a few things done. I started with some laundry. Then I cleaned the sink and the stove and the bathroom sink and toilet. Then I folded some clothes and did some ironing. And then I realized how cluttered and dirty the upstairs was, so I vacuumed and dusted and straightened up. At that point, i realized my desk was buried and I needed to organize and clean it. So I did some filing and some sorting and putting away of things. Also did the grocery shopping and watered the lawn. And did more laundry, which even now waits to be folded.

All in all, I got things done. But I didn’t get anything I wanted to get done done, and so I still feel like I wasted my time. I hate that. All the same, the upstairs of the house is clean and much other stuff is done. Now to clean the downstairs and I have to go shopping tomorrow for kid stuff for school–stuff they could have told us about before school started but didn’t. So writing tomorrow is shot.

I am reading Rachel Hartman’s Seraphina, and though I’m not far in, I really like the world and characters thus far.

Still nothing I like on the peach tea front. Still haven’t found the peach Stash though. Tomorrow maybe.

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