Upon which I admit to not knowing what I’m doing

How do I not know things, let me count (some) ways . . .

First, I really don’t know how to roll up and secure chicken when I’m stuffing it. I made it tonight and the stuffing leaked. I don’t think my wrapping skills are very good. Or possibly my toothpicking skills. Or maybe my beating the crap out of the chicken breasts to flatten them out skills.

Second, I don’t know the first thing about picking out a tennis racket. Boy wants one so he can start playing. I thought about trying to order one online, but I don’t have a clue about grip or anything else. And apparently not all balls are created alike. I’m hoping to get to a store that sells them this weekend (it involves driving 2 hours one way and supposedly there’s snow moving in this week into the higher elevations, so we’ll see if the passes are open, which they probably will be, but again, what do I know?) Which apparently means by the time I get him a racket, the weather will suck too much to play.

I really don’t know who I’m going to let talk in my WIP. Everyone wants to take over the page. They are pushing and shoving, but the one thing that I do know (I think, but maybe I’m wrong) is that not everybody gets to have a voice. At least, not their own point of view. I’m going back to the murderboard tomorrow to try to sort it out (i.e. my whiteboard).

Also I didn’t know this: I heard that taking a tablespoon of honey would help a sore throat. I tried it with my son because he had a sort throat this weekend and this morning. It’s gone. Now maybe it wasn’t the honey, but it sure helped to soothe it. Maybe the stuff works. I can’t commit to knowing yet.

I’m sure there are many more things I don’t know. Feel free to enlighten me. Really.


  • MaryW

    If you know anyone with kids who play tennis, see if they have a racket that their family has outgrown. A good racket is not inexpensive and if you manage to buy one from someone the boy admires, he can find out if he really likes the game. My husband makes the same recommendation for young golfers. He feels that a young person (We have sons) needs to show a real interest in the sport otherwise you will be buying not only tennis rackets but squash rackets or even golf clubs.

    A lot of clubs sell used equipment and you can actually afford better equipment if it does not need to be new. Unfortunately that is not true of running shoes. The youngest son needed a pair every month or six weeks in high school. As the miles went up new shoes were every 3 to 4 weeks. Running is not necessarily an inexpensive sport.

    • Di Francis

      SAdly, I live in such a small town that they are hard to come by used. Luckily I found them on a serious sale, so that helps.

      I was using the skinless variety. SEwing could work, but I don’t know if I have the patience. I think part of the problem is that I couldn’t ball up the stuffing. If I made it with something like spinach and cheese it might work better. But at least it was tasty, and that counts for a lot.

  • Linaka

    Toothpicks suck. I tried it once, and failed too.
    My mother (who’s a badass) SEWS the whole thing up – beats any wild stuffing.

    I guess you could be safer with a dry stuffing, like one with bread mixed with chicken liver or something.
    But chicken skin is so greasy that no one would hold that against you. Come on, thin toothpicks against thick greasy skin ?

    Guess Mum’s right – just sew it, and you’ll win 🙂

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