Kicking butt and taking names

First, I have an interview up on Short and Sweet Reviews. Come visit! . Come visit and see what I have to say. You might find something out about me you didn’t know . . .

In other news, I may be feeling better. I took a long walk with the dogs today, accomplished some writing, showered, shopped for groceries, did laundry, did parent teacher conferences (which for the middle schooler was looooong because you walk from classroom to classroom and wait in line with other parents for your five minutes. No appointments). I also did homework with girlie and listened to the boy play his clarinet. So busy day. I did have some sleepy moments in there, but given that I didn’t sleep that well last night, it counts as much improved.

And a snippet from today’s writing. I know I’ll be playing with it to clarify pronouns as much as possible, but here for you anyhow:

“Come on, then,” he said. “Don’t just stand there. You want me. Come get me.”

The one on his left lunged first. Terval stepped into him, snatching his arm as it swung down. He yanked the other man across his body, twisting his arm up behind him as he sent the other man careening into the attacker on the right. He felt bone break. The cudgel fell to the floor as his attacker let out a shriek of pain.

“I told you to come get me. I didn’t say I would make it easy,” Terval taunted. The center attacker smiled in an almost friendly way and inched closer. Meanwhile the man on the right had untangled himself and dropped his whimpering companion to the floor. He now turned his attention back to Terval who had edged toward the balcony doorway.

Both of his attackers lunged at once. Terval sidestepped. The center man grappled him around the waist, slamming him against the still-closed door to the balcony. The breath exploded from Terval. He drove his knife into the attacker’s back up to the hilt, then kicked out and shoved him into the third attacker, even as his cudgel crashed into Terval’s shoulder. Pain erupted in his arm and then it went numb.

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