One small spurt of creativity and words

Today turned out to be one of those days where I did extraordinarily little but hang out with the kids. I did make them clean their rooms and scoop dog poop. And I read. I finally had a creativity/writing push and wrote a fair bunch of words, but the problem was that soon the children followed me up the stairs to hang out. Girlie drew on the whiteboard and boy sat and talked to me for awhile and then laid down because he was morphing into barfboy. He threw up twice today. I’m really hoping he gets over this. Whatever it is. He did manage some dinner and is now asleep. I hope.

I was really happy with what I wrote today. It’s a lot of worldbuilding stuff, and in the end I don’t know how much will be needed, but I love the way the world is fleshing out and how the characters are fitting into it. Very happy about that. I just wish I’d had more uninterrupted time to take advantage of the energy and the creativity. At least the ear infection is clearing up. And the kids are happy. And it’s not snowing, though the horrible smoke rolled in yesterday again.

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  • Douglas Meeks

    Sick kids? Sounds a bit like life imitating art, reading a similar scene in Blood Winter 🙂 Only they had someone to help …. (not giving anything away)

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