The end of football and a cool announcement

The end of flag football anyhow. The kids lost both games this morning, and I have to say, given the freaking wing chill, I wasn’t as unhappy as I should have been. They both played well and had great games, so all was good there, but this morning at 8 it was a fairly balmy 51 degrees. Then it turned windy. And I think the temps dropped into the 30s. The wind just bit right through us.

I’ve come to realize also that things just aren’t as much fun without my husband around. Blah.

And as for the announcement, on December 12th, I’m going to be doing a Shindig event. It’s sort of a giant chat room where I can do a live reading and Q & A. I’m hoping that all of you will attend and I’m hoping you’ll spread the the word. Here’s the RSVP page. Please come! Don’t leave me there all alone.

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