Argh. And . . . Argh.

This morning I took the kids to school at their request and then I took the dogs out to the soccer field to walk them. Usually I walk all the way around and then out to this other field where there’s a trail mowed into it. That field and the soccer field are separated from the golf course by an irrigation ditch that is still running water. It was cold. Probably around 30 or so. I was in shorts because I’m protesting the cold. And clearly not winning. Anyhow, I went all the way out and was most of the way back when it happened. The dogs had been playing chase. Viggo chases, Voodoo runs. He’s very agile and cuts in to taunt his brother and then swerves and rolls and juts and dodges. Of course, his brother is ruthless and will lunge in and grab Voodoo anywhere he can to bring him down like a croc taking down a wilderbeast. Anyhow, they went into a big loop out on the soccerfield and turned back toward me. I figured that there would be a swerve at the ditch. I was wrong. My formerly anti-water corgi (who discovered he loved water this summer) plunged into the irrigation ditch up to his ears.


He jumped out when I called him (not before) and then ran around a bit before bothering to shake off. Then we went back to the car. I have no towel or other rag in the car. But I did have a wet dog in there who promptly jumped up on the seat.

After that, i went home and promptly showed up a day early for my doctor’s appointment and a half an hour late for my mammogram appointment. Because I’m a dork. Dorkfish.

I did play tennis (using the word ‘play’ very loosely) with the kids after school. And now I’m getting desperate looks of love from the formerly wet dog. He’s vibrating with the cuteness and pet me telepathic urgings. this while I wait for dinner to finish cooking and watching some sort of food war on the foodnetwork. I think it’s a cakewars. It involves scary clowns. Aren’t clowns, by their very natures, scary? As in, creepy and horrifying? The kind of thing that comes out at Halloween because they are so freaking creepy? Or is that just me?

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