Confessions about watching bad TV

Warning: what follows is rather disgusting, so you may want to skip this one.


I’m right now watching Hoarders. It is the worst and most frightening one I have ever seen before. We’re talking poop soup in jugs and piled in the house and dumped in the yard. And she doesn’t wash her hands. There’s a major biohazard cleanup and the woman doesn’t get that it’s dirty or that you can’t eat food in a house that has fecal matter all over it. The level of mental illness for this woman is stunning because she has no idea this is filthy. Apparently the cleaners have to open the bottles of poop and pee and empty them. They have at least a thousand gallons of it to empty.

Isn’t that just the thing you wanted to read about right now? I don’t now if I could write a character like this and make it believable. I don’t know if I would ever to think of writing a place this horrible. It would be a place of torture. I imagine that it could what the Superdome after Katrina was like. Except for the dead bodies. But this is awful.

I can’t turn it off. I can’t look away. And I feel the urge to clean and change my clothes. Actually, I knew a girl one time who turned out to be a hoarder. My husband and I were asked to come help her move by another friend and we said yes, expecting that when we arrived the boxes would be packed and we’d be loading the truck. Nothing was packed. We walked in to a wall of cat piss smell and a thick mess of hopping fleas. There was rotten food behind the furniture and cat pee all over all the furniture. We helped her pack and move into a lovely clean place and I felt sorry for the landlords. Then we went home and stripped naked on the porch and went in a showered, then decontaminated our clothes. I felt like my skin was crawling for days. *shudder* ew.

Now the woman will eat the nasty contaminated food as her last stand. She says, “I’ve been eating poop for twelve years, why does it matter if I have one more last meal” of shit food? OMG. I want to throw up.

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  • Douglas Meeks

    That show has that “train wreck” appeal, you can’t turn away and you know you should watch something else 🙂

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