The snippet and the day that was

Today I drove a far far away in order to hang out with a friend (which was absolutely worth the whole drive) and then we got tennis rackets at 30% off, which was nice. Then we got pants for the girlie who grew out of all her pants this summer, and then we started for home. We stopped and ate Mexican food, and then did the last hour leg. I needed a nap when I got home, and then we played tennis. With a very loose definition. Girlie has no clue, but had fun trying, and boy has a clue, but he’s not had a lot of practice. I kinda know what I’m doing, and I did a lot of running around. Well, for me. Which was fun. And healthy even.

And a small snippet of the WIP:

He ran a finger over the odd black and red design ribboning along the edge. Something bit his finger. He jerked back sharply, making a startled sound. A bit of skin and several drops of blood dribbled onto the page. Then as he watched, the blood and skin absorbed into the pale sheet and vanished, leaving the page pristine except for the writing. He shoved himself back, his chair tumbling as he lunged to his feet.

Acting on instinct, he drew his dagger and skewered the invitation and flicked it into one of the braziers burning along the wall to light the room. Flames licked the page and the paper twisted as if resisting. A keening sound filled the room, making Seavik’s skin prickle. The paper knotted up and then melted flat. The design on the edges rose like blind, toothy worms, jaws snapping. The fire turned blue and green and the paper exploded in a puff of ash. The room quieted.

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