Day to day

Yesterday I took my iMac into Bozeman to get repaired (that’s a 2 hour drive one way). It’s under warranty and it’s still working, but I see things happening with it that aren’t quite right and I’d rather get it taken care of now while it’s still not my dime to fix it. Apparently there are some dead pixels and a fan bearing is going out. So I have to go pick it back up next week. That pretty much shot yesterday because I also went to Costco and picked up all the stuff that I had run out of since the last time I went, sometime in May maybe? Man it’s been awhile. I piled so much stuff in the cart that they switched me to a flatbed cart in order to leave. I was lucky that I didn’t have kids with me or I’d have had to tie them to the hood to get home.

Does anybody else start sleeping a lot when the weather changes and the days get shorter? Because I feel a little bit like a bear staring to practice for hibernation. Bears do practice, right?

I don’t understand why my dogs must lick the couch/pillow/blanket/me all the time. Also, they’ve suddenly started barking at everything in the house. I open a curtain. Bark. I open or close a cupboard. Bark. I get up off the couch. Bark bark barkity bark. Sigh.

It was all of fourteen degrees last night.

Tomorrow will be a long day with the kids as I drive far again to try to find clothes that fit because apparently they have grown a lot in the last few months. Right out of their clothes.


  • Douglas Meeks

    Well except mine was Sam’s Club and it was closer to 80 degrees here in Alabama, my day was not that different 🙂 I load tested the car with all the stuff I bought but I think I can survive a siege now LOL

    How does anyone live in a place that cold, hurts me to even think about it 🙂

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