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My favorite pizza place was closed tonight. It’s not permanent. The place will reopen soon. It moved and just hasn’t yet reopened. Darnit. I was in the mood to have food brought to me. Sadly, no one else delivers. Okay, another pizza place will, but I didn’t want their pizza. I was too lazy to go pick up other food, or to go to the DQ down the block. Okay, that isn’t true. I didn’t want fast hamburger food. There is no Taco Bell in Town. So basically I’m full of whine and whoa. I ended up making scrambled eggs with peppers and onion plus some sausage and some grapes. So basically I was forced to cook by sheer laziness.

In other news, it snowed today. Didn’t stick, but I supposed it could tonight if it snows again.

The house showing went supposedly well, but the person who looked had one concern, plus has to work out the job situation. So it’s definitely positive, but nothing is going to happen very soon. Sadly. At least the house is clean.

The girlie stayed home sick today. She wasn’t very, but I didn’t want to risk it. She ended up coming to class with me and staying in my office. Plus calling my cell phone to tell me that her stomach hurt. Then showing up in class to tell me so, so I cut it short and took her home. I then get severely little accomplished all day.

I had to wipe the paws of my boys who were muddy. But one of them was really unhappy with me, like he hurt himself. Course I know he doesn’t like people messing with his feet, but usually he isn’t this bad. So I’ve got to figure that out.

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  • Douglas Meeks

    You had me on your train until you hit the grapes???? Really, with eggs and sausage you got grapes? Since I have not tried it I guess I will withhold judgement.

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