the sludge moves

I got some writing done today. Yay. And the blizzard they’ve named Brutus is sweeping Montana. Hasn’t kicked in to much here. But apparently it will and we’ll get a bunch of snow tonight and tomorrow. we’ll see. Oftenwrong is often wrong. She said redundantly.

I was interviewed over at The Fiction Reboot today. Have a look. Maybe I said something smart and funny and worth reading.

A WIP snippet:

“Why would you show me your face if you were going to ransom me and let me live?” he asked suddenly.

Crayde shrugged. “It makes little difference if you know who I am.”

“Only if you plan to kill me.” Terval dug his heels in. If he was going to die anyway, he wasn’t going to make this any easier on the bastard.

“Nonsense,” Crayde said, jerking on the leash as he strode away.

Terval staggered forward despite himself, then he sagged to the floor. If Crayde wanted him alive, he’d have to drag him or carry him.
“Take him,” Crayde ordered and one of the men hoisted him over his shoulder. Instantly Terval began to kick and shout. He twisted and bucked until he fell to the floor again. He landed on his shoulder and his vision when red, suffused in a cloud of agony.

“That won’t do,” Crayde said. “I did not want to do this, but I see I have no choice.”

Terval heard the clink of glass and the soft pop of a cork being removed from a vial.

“Open his mouth,” Crayde ordered and fingers gripped the sides of Terval’s jaw, forcing his mouth open. He twisted and fought, but someone kneeled on his chest and the man hold his jaw pinched his nose closed. He gasped and the blade of a knife slid between his teeth.

“Hold still. You don’t want to cut yourself,” Crayde said and then warm liquid dripped down into Terval’s mouth. The knife was pulled away and hands clamped his jaw just. The drug was cloyingly sweet with a bitter aftertaste. Despite himself, he swallowed.
“Put him on the rug by the window and roll him up inside,” Crayde ordered.

Already things were going fuzzy and soft. Terval felt them lift him, but it was as if his body was already wrapped in layers of thick cloth. The lowered him down on the woven rug and pushed him over and over, rolling him up inside the heavy cloth. For a moment he panicked as his face pressed against the thick wool fibers. But before the fear could set in, everything vanished and he knew no more.

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