Brutus, as the weather channel has dubbed the storm, passed through/is still passing through. We had about 5 inches or snow, give or take. And now it may be snowing, though the wind is whipping and it could just as easily be blowing snow building up on the front walk. Either way, the house is cozy warm with a fire in the woodstove and a ham in the oven. Shortly there will be Leverage on the TV. It is very nice to be inside out of the cold. I say that with heartfelt prayers and good vibes for those back east still without power, homes, and heat. I wish all that 4 billion of election money could have been funneled into rebuilding.

This is a three day weekend for me, because Monday is Veteran’s day. That will mean a day without children. This is cause for celebration. I wish I had orange juice to make fuzzy navels (I love them. Don’t judge). But sadly, I was not planning ahead for the cold and I refuse to bestir myself out into Brutus (now that just sounds dirty, doesn’t it?).

I plan to read this weekend. I’m not sure what. I have so much to read. But read I shall.

The bad thing is that the firewood has yet to be delivered and so we’re using the last of what we have. It wlil easily last the weekend, but I sure would like to have had it delivered and got it stacked before the snow and cold hit.

What are you reading this weekend?

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