good news and then evil

First, the good news. You can win a copy of Blood Winter on GoodReads My publisher has given 10 copies for giveaway. Awesome!

As for the evil, I got a horrible call today. The kind where a recording from the local superintendent that says: “a registered sex offender has been spotted hanging out by your kids’ schools.” They gave the name, color of the van, license plate and all that. So I was late to a meeting this afternoon because I was getting my kids off the bus. I guess the cops haven’t been able to pick him up yet. Pretty much freaked me the hell out.

In other news, I managed to get some annoying crud done today, which gets me closer to being able to leave to visit the man on Friday. I have more to do tomorrow.

I’m also getting a new car. Well, a new 2004 car. It’s a Ford Escape, like our old one. It’s a good car and should work well for us. Gas mileage isn’t bad, and this one has 122k miles on it. No rust or anything. Good shape.

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  • Linaka

    Getting a new car is my current dream. How are the brakes ? Did you drive it a little bit ?

    Post a pic, please, for the love of cars ! 🙂

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