books and a check in

You guys rock. I had totally forgotten some of the books, and unfortunately, a bunch of them that I have are in boxes right now and have to be dug out of boxes. And you gave me a bunch of new stuff I hadn’t heard of. I’ll make a list from your suggestions later and post it. I’m excited!

Today was a tornado. I went to the bank, paid the water bill, ran into a friend and chatted awhile, got the fluids changed in the new car, graded my class portfolios and added up the final grades, cleaned house, packed up all my stuff and the kids’ stuff and loaded up the car, cleaned kid rooms, took care of fish, and I forget what else. Tons. Then loaded up the kids and dogs and headed for Missoula to spend the night before going to Salem tomorrow. Saw a deer in the median and did not hit it. It was raining, oddly, with all the snow around. Luckily it was not freezing rain, though apparently tomorrow it could be. It’s going to be messy going over the passes. All the same, I’m excited to go and get there and can’t wait!

I just hope that I can sleep tonight. I have to share a bed with a child, since they don’t share with each other well. And they are flippy floppy kicky sleepers. I hope I can stay awake tomorrow. Oh, and the dogs like to sleep with me.

Meanwhile the dogs are all snuggled up and saying I should lay down so they can get more comfortable. I think there’s a big football game in town here tomorrow. Griz v. Cats. I think that’s why this hotel is packed to the gills. Staying where Miscon is held.

ETA: almost forgot. Hostess is shutting down. The bakeries are already closed. If you like your hostess snacks like Twinkies, Ho Ho’s or DingDongs, or whatever other product, you should grab them now because no more are shipping.

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