Survived the trip

As it turns out, the alternator in the car we bought wasn’t all that good. We ended up stalling out on the freeway in the Columbia River Gorge. Got towed all the way to Salem (133 miles), and now the car is getting a new alternator. Sigh. Wasn’t really a big deal. Kids fit into the tow truck and the dogs were okay on the back of the flatbed in the car.

It’s windy and rainy here. But a heck of a lot warmer. I really like the warmer. Can’t tell you how much.

Took the doggies walking in the wind today. Was fun. They liked it. Now one is sleeping on my lap (and my laptop is off to the side so he can be there) and the other is sulking on the floor because, yanno, doggies don’t belong on the floor.

On the way out here, I had a bit of an epiphany about the WIP and so I’m excited to incorporate it. Also, I’m reading The God of Small Things, which I am really enjoying. Wow. Wonderful writing.

Am planning on eating at Chipotle for lunch. Cuz I love it and it’s my indulgence why I’m out here. I also was able to get into Bath and Body Works and use up a bunch of coupons including getting some free stuff. Then they gave me a wad of $10 off coupons if you spend more than $30, and I’m thinking, likely not going to happen. So I have to find people to give them to.

I wish I could go over to the coast today and see the wind whipping the ocean. Won’t get there though. Still it would be cool.

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