I accidentally went shopping today

Okay, that isn’t really true. It wasn’t accidental. We went to see Rise of the Guardians, which was SO MUCH FUN!!! Love it. Want to see it again. Anyhow, we went to see it, and the Arthur Christmas video trailer showed, and well, we wanted to see it too, this last night in Salem before heading home, so we went into Best Buy for it. What a madhouse. But we got in and out pretty easily, and we are now settling in to watch it. (I also got Brave for my daughter for Christmas, but that seems hardly like black Friday shopping). I did go into the mall though. We got to the theater super early to get tickets (and hardly anyone was there and it was wonderful!!!) and since the theater is at the mall, we walked down to Starbucks for chai and hot chocolate. I got to see all the lovely decorations and there weren’t horrible crowds, so I enjoyed it.

And that, aside from Turkey sandwiches and pumpkin pie and packing up, was the day.

Go see Rise of the Guardians. You won’t regret it.

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