Lovely Thanksgiving

Had a lovely lovely Thanksgiving day. The food was excellent, the company much better, and generally there was much laughter and gobbling of food. Plus a wonderful walk with the family and dogs. All around, a wonderful day.

Today the plan is to go see Rise of the Guardians, if we can get in. I don’t know if it will be mobbed, or if everyone will be out shopping. I’m hoping for shopping. We will also load up the truck and get ready to go back to Montana, which happens on Saturday and Sunday. I don’t want to go, for the record. Surprised?

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  • Julie

    Is there a way to pre-pay for your tickets? Our local theater chain has an online buying system and reserved seating, so you can actually see where you’ll be sitting and if it’s even worth going. We’re going to see Life of Pi today and I have my tix in hand already.

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