Day of Thanks

On this day, I’m thankful for so many things that I can’t begin to even cover it all.

1. For my husband, who has always been not only supportive of me and my career choices, but my best helper and cheerleader.
2. For the fact that my husband was willing and able to stay home seven years as a stay at home dad.
3. For my kids, even when they drive me out of my gourd.
4. for writing.
5. for books.
6. For fans and readers.
7. For computers that make my day to day life easier as far as writing and keeping connected with people.
8. For friends who are funny, snarky, amazing, supportive, and caring.
9. For strangers who are caring and supportive, amazing, snarky, funny and generous.
10. For my dogs, who give love unconditionally.
11. For my health, which has been ever improving.
12. For laughter.
13. For smart people in the world who work to make it better.
14. For my parents and the rest of my family.
15. For green grass, blue sky, beautiful oceans, tall mountains, and all the creatures that walk and crawl over the earth.
16. For truth, no matter how hard to say or hear.
17. For music.
18. For hope.
19. For joy.
20. For being able to be Thankful.

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