The next few days

Will involve no shopping. Went today to get tires for the truck and some last minute food stuff from the store, and that was pretty much a nightmare. Oh, and did I mention the DMV? Scary. So yeah, tomorrow will involve cooking and possibly dog walking if it gets sunny again (there was sun today and a lovely walk was taken by dogs and me and kids). Also, got the car back. It is running well now. Yippee!

I have absolutely no intention of getting out for shopping on Friday, though I do plan to go see Rise of the Guardians. That will be fun.

I also have my first Blood Winter review, for your perusal. It’s by Harriet Klausner, for those who know what that means. And it’s quite lovely.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my USA friends, and for those of you who will not be having Thanksgiving, Happy Day!

ETA: ACK! And Douglas Meeks pointed out that he’d posted his review of Blood Winter today on Bitten By Paranormal Romance! Also a rocking review!


  • Douglas Meeks

    Gimme a break there Diana, I wrote an extremely complimentary review of Blood Winter over a month ago but held it for release until today. I should add I am a real person which we all know Harriet is some kind of non-reading review machine 🙂 Enjoy this review :

    there will be another one in the near future on Wicked Scribes

  • Adrianne

    I had to get groceries today too. I’m not sure “nightmare” is a strong enough word. I had to circle the parking lot twice to get a spot very distant from the grocery store, and sadly, very near the B&N. (New store, huge number of square feet, fewer books than the old store, and almost no customers. 🙁

    We will look at cars on Friday – not because I want to shop Friday, but because there are tax advantages to buying a hybrid before congress stops incentives/closes loopholes/raises taxes/whatever rhetoric they decide to use.

    I’m writing checks for gifts. I’ve had enough of the holiday madness. We will go down to the outdoor mall and listen to carols in a month. Gingerbread men are cooling on the counter. Apple pie will go into the oven in the morning.

    I’ll download Blood Winter RSN.


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