I have to admit it: I’ve been sick. Yesterday and today. Fever, dizzies/vertigo/shakiness, intestinal distress, blah blah blah. I’m feeling slightly better at this juncture. Not as dizzy, and walking across the house doesn’t make me want to pass out. I’m still having some chills and my temperature won’t quite settle, but I’m teaching tomorrow. Come hell or high water. I’ve actually been relatively healthy for awhile (aside from the SAD stuff) and so I can’t complain too much. I’m assuming one of the nasty little bugs crawling around campus got me. Or I got it in OR and hauled it back and will now share with my students, who so generously share with me.

I’m considering bunion surgery. Apparently this can be done without general anesthesia and while I’ll have to be totally off my feet for a few weeks, it’s pretty doable. Given my dad’s horrible bunions, I know where I could end up and I’d rather do some repair now.

In the meantime, I’m being warmed by corgis and trying to take care of the kids. Luckily the kids are fairly able to do things for themselves, so mostly I’m staggering around to feed them and try to help with homework and wishing I had a house elf to clean. I wonder if I could hire one?


  • Adrianne

    I’m with Mizkit. Hubby developed a bunion. We put him in a bunion splint, and it did wonders for the joint. We also put him in FiveFingers toe shoes, and that helped a great deal as well. His pain is mostly gone, and when it comes back, he remembers to splint his toe before bed. The joint, while still swollen, is down to about a third of it’s worst case size. I live in Runner City. The word on the street here is that bunion surgery can cripple runners and hikers. YMMV

    • Di Francis

      I’m willing to try. Got any recommendations for a better kind of splint? I wear MBT shoes and earth shoes in general, but the thing is that I can’t wear flats much and I’d like to be able to do that more. Regular flats for dresses. Never wear heels really anymore.

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